Capacity Building and Tools for Future Thinking

SHAPING THE FUTURE TRAINING results from a combination of creativity and ideas generation, scenario planning, trend analysis, and horizon/environmental scanning methodological tools, as well as strategic decision making processes. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to share knowledge and structure information in an inclusive way.


You will gain insights around a practical methodology that promotes a new strategic thinking regarding current and future challenges with direct impact on your competitiveness and on the way you envision, plan, and manage your organisation, businesses, and teams.

Level 3



  1. Contributes to collective and individual strategic thinking.  

  2. Builds the capacity and mindset in the participant to respond to current and future challenges.

  3. Provides awareness to the organization and its businesses of the external changing forces.

  4. Creates the ability within the organization to start designing its own future.

  5. Promotes alignment at both organizational and team level by defining a common understanding of possible futures.

Price: 2,100 USD - 2-day training
This course is also offered in-house

Upcoming Trainings:


18-19 November


18-19 November

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